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Dear members of
Korean Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine,
I am a Professor Yoon Ha Kim, the 13th president of Korean Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine.

It has been 24 years since our society was established in 1994 to take care of expecting mothers and their babies to be born. Since then, our society has become a representative academic society in this field, which was made possible thanks to commitment and efforts of presidents, executives and all the members. I want to express my appreciation to them.

Our society will turn a quarter of a century next year. It is time to look back on what we have done and to prepare for the future. The future we are facing might be challenging. Despite the government's wholehearted support and policies, low birth rate is getting worse, the rate of application for medical residents is low, and medical disputes on childbirth are increasing. There should be urgent solution plan for the above problems, and the only institution that can perform the role is Korean Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine.

In order to fulfill responsibility, I would like to make efforts during my 2-year term as follows.

The number of social problems caused by low birth rate is increasing. We will actively participate in policy research and put forward suggestions by cooperating with government institutions regarding low birth rate.

There are increasing risks of expecting mothers, fetus and newborn babies due to the increase of high risk pregnancy. We will collect high risk pregnancy data from nationwide high risk maternal and neonatal integrated care centers, analyze the results and present treatment methods and solution plans. For this, we will encourage the activities of sub-committees and support research.

We will make efforts for meaningful education for medical residents and specialists. Through training lectures, conferences, education lectures, branches and symposiums, we will provide various and fruitful types of education. Clinical Practice Guideline Committee will develop a guideline for any clinics in the country to provide standardized treatment.

I would like to say thank you again to the members who always commit themselves to our society's development. Although I feel burdened by the position of the president I took on, I will try my best for healthy expecting mothers and fetus like a stepping-stone.

Thank you.

January 2019
Yoon-Ha Kim
President of Korean society of Maternal fetal medicine